What are our power requirements?

If we are building an LED wall for you, then power requirements become a custom scenario every time based on size of the screen, which kinds of LED panels we’re using to build the screen, what electrical service is available on site, etc. All of our walls can run on 110/120VAC outlets, but we always need to know how many are available to us, what sized breaker is on each outlet, and if we need to come up with another solution. While our video walls can be powered by existing 120V “Edison” outlets, as screen sizes grow, so do our power requirements. For large temporary screens, we can also connect to 208V 3 Phase service via Cam locks.

Many times your event will require the renting or purchase of a generator. Generators are classified by wattage, usually in kilowatts. What you’ll want to know from us is our amp requirements of the screen. So you’ll ask “how many amps will your screen(s) need?, and what voltage do they run on? We’ll most likely tell you 120V, but sometimes 208V. Then just look at this handy chart.

This is a close estimator and not exact due to other outside factors affecting the efficiency of each generator, such as engine life, fuel quality, elevation, etc.

Size of Generator can provide Voltage Amps it can provide Voltage Amps is can provide
20kw Generator – 120 120 208 69.5
40kw Generator – 120 240 208 139.5
60kw Generator – 120 361 208 208.4
80kw Generator – 120 481 208 277
100kw Generator – 120 602 208 347

If you are renting one of our Nomad mobile LED units, you have two options with power. The first and easiest option is that each unit has an on-board, whisper-quiet generator that supplies power, so there’s no need to worry about anything, we have it covered. The generator, while quiet, does make some noise and there is some exhaust, so if it’s an indoor venue that can’t handle exhaust or requires total silence, then we’ll want to tie into an existing power service. The requirement for the Nomad is 240V 100 Amp, single phase service, cam lock or bare wire.